Who we are

a family

We are a tight-knit family of Barstow folks that follow Jesus. Our family is comprised of people from every race and every age. We are Railroad Workers, Teachers, Nurses, Fence Builders, Business Owners, Police Officers, Soldiers, Students, Children & Parents. 

We are broken people with pasts filled with poor decisions, but are being restored back to God's design with futures filled with hope. What you won’t find here are any perfect people, but you will find people who have put their faith in a perfect Savior. We like to say we “do life together” because life is better when you spend it with others. We love, encourage, help, support, and pray for each other. 

We hope you feel at home here and would love for you to join this awesome Family of God. This is a safe place for you to bring your questions, a safe place to worship, and a safe place to learn about our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Come join our family!

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship at 9:00 AM and have Core Classes at 10:30 AM for all ages.