Core Classes

Our Core Classes are divided into quarters beginning right after Easter each year.
The Core Classes are designed to be on a rotation where each class will be repeated.

Current Classes

August - October 2023

13 Week classes | Education Building

Jim Webster | Room 108
This class will look at the theology and practice of biblical parenting.
Young Adults
Josh S | Conference Room
This class is designed for adults (18-25 years old) and will cover topics related to doctrine and discipleship.

13 Week classes | Worship Center

What We Believe
Pastor Steve | Worship Center
This class will be a 13-week overview of Southern Baptist doctrine in our statement of faith.
Topical Study
Ron Paddack & Zanes | Room 6
This class chooses a topic to study and utilizes books, videos, and series in that study while staying firmly rooted in scripture.
Bible Book Study
Wade Harris | Room