"Seek the welfare of the city

where I have sent you into exile, 

and pray to the Lord on its behalf; 

for in its welfare you will have welfare."

- Jeremiah 29:7          


At First Baptist Church of Barstow we care about Family. Each Family has different needs and struggles. We are here to help you as parents, children, grandparents, relatives, and in-laws meet the spiritual needs of your Family. We want to equip you to raise each other up in the safety of God’s love. As a church, we consider each other to be a member of God’s family as all believers are Children of God. The church is God’s beautiful example and chosen vessel to be the active hands and feet of showing His love to each other. 

Matthew 19:14; Acts 16:31-34


At First Baptist Church of Barstow we care about Community. As a church we are a community of Jesus followers that live in, care for, and pray for the many needs of our community of Barstow. As a church we also pray for, encourage, and support one another within our FBC Community as we seek and strive to have Community with God and with each other.

Jeremiah 29:7; Galatians 6:2;

Hebrews 10:25; Ephesians 4:11-13


At First Baptist Church of Barstow we care about the Nations. The last thing Jesus said before His ascension into Heaven was to make disciples of all nations. Obedient to His command, we give, pray, and go to the unreached peoples of the world to share with them the Good News that Jesus loves them and offers salvation to everyone! In Barstow, the Nations also come to us. We strive to be a church of the Nations, where every tribe and tongue feels welcome.

Matthew 5:16; Matthew 28:16-20; Revelation 7:9